About Jewellery Design

Want your engagement ring to be a story starter for many years to come? Learn the process, cons and pros of custom designing your very own special ring. Lets get this out from the way first: Every committed relationship and the love it stems from is unique. You can and should find an engagement ring that’s uniquely fitting to both that love and the finger which will carry it, well, throughout life. The specifics of that distinctly perfect ring vary from couple to couple because you got it every single one of us is unique. Many will locate the perfect engagement ring by choosing and combining individual elements diamonds or gemstones, metal, setting, band style and utilizing these basic building blocks to discover an infinite number of truly individual styles.

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Others will want to add special touches to further customize their rings. And some will find that the standard white diamond center stone possibly flanked by side stones and set in gold or platinum just is not for them, but will still find the non traditional ring they seek in a jewelers display case. Nevertheless, whether you’ve a singular view of how your ring should appear and cannot find it anyplace, you may consider a custom design. Every engagement ring has a story, but if you also want yours to be a story starter decades after you say I do, then a custom engagement ring can be for you.

Make an informed decision – First to deal with a plan to custom project your very own engagement ring, understand the cons and pros, and review this primer of what it may take to create your inspired idea a reality. Creating a custom designed engagement ring has great benefits: Your ring will feel inspired and creative, a pure reflection of your individual personality. It’ll reflect your interests and values. Nobody else may have a ring quite like yours. A truly distinctive design will garner attention, and will be a conversation starter for many years to come. By creating matching rings, you may also create a symbol of who you’re as a couple.

But you must also bear in mind the trade offs you make when creating a custom ring: Its less affordable. Do not be surprised to pay up to 3 times what you’d for a non custom ring. How much more depends upon how elaborate the design is, how far it differs from more traditional rings and the jeweler you choose. It can take longer. While its on the extreme high end, one well known actor collaborated with a designer on his future dazzling engagement for 12 full months. On the low end, expect a well thought out design to take several months from idea to finger. It requires more involvement on your part. The jeweler also has a say in the ultimate design and as the expert with precious stones and metals, she or he should. Its unpredictable.