Claddagh ring model 11. Designed claddagh rings with different variations.
White gold, yellow gold, diamond, rose gold detail claddagh rings.


About Claddagh Rings

Let us begin with a little history about these mysterious rings and how they are called Claddagh rings. The name Claddagh comes just outside Galway City. Pirates captured while fishing near his village A fishermen under the name of Richard Joyce and brought to Tunisia. Sold into slavery, he rapidly learned the craft of jewellery making from his master who had been a skilled goldsmith. He longed for his one back into his old fishing village while as a slave. When King William III ascended into the throne, he was released from slavery in 1670. Now a free man, Richard chose to reunite Claddagh, into the fishing village, where his love lived.

Upon reaching home, he discovered his true love was and unmarried l awaiting him. He utilized them for the wedding and made the first set. The artwork behind these rings is well recorded. It is a design that’s hundreds of years old with every symbol from the ring having meaning. There are 3 components which form the general design of a Claddagh ring.

First, friendship is represented by the two hands from the design. Second of all, the heart in the layout represents love.

Third, loyalty is symbolized by the crown in the design. They create wedding rings in addition to engagement rings among couples when these symbols are combined together. It serves the purpose as an outward symbol of a person’s marital status. It’s grown so popular that you could now find non Irish couples utilizing those as Celtic wedding rings and Celtic engagement rings. While commonly used between couples considered marriage or getting married, those rings also make great presents between close friends. In such as case, it is equipped together with the saying Let love and friendship reign. Once you own one of those rings, be sure for wear it the correct way.

Doing otherwise is considered an indication of disrespect to get the long held tradition. It also further diminishes the true significance behind these wonderful rings for which it’s intended. It is since the way a Claddagh ring is worn carries deep significance. It may be utilized to indicate a persons availability for a relationship. When the ring is worn on the left hand with the heart facing inwards, it shows the man or woman is married and unavailable. When the ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward, however, it shows which the ring he is unattached. In case the heart is turned inward, it shows the man or woman is already attached and at a relationship. They’re made with different precious metals.